I have had many homes, in many countries, 12 addresses to be exact (I think).

I have lived in six countries, and wherever I went, I trusted home will follow. Sometimes it took longer, sometimes I arrived home, without having seen the place before.

Like the time when,

we boarded a plane to cross the Atlantic, step out, to a place where I did not speak or understand the language, yet I was … home (which was not the first time that happened in my then 12 year old life). We had landed in the USA, and eventually another home pulled me back to Europe,- Sweden to be more specific, my birthplace, home per default, right?


i returned, alone, at the age of 17-18, after more than 15 years abroad. To my surprise I had returned as a foreigner, which was ironic as previously I had been the Swedish foreigner to any other place….? Is this home?

not about me

but this story goes back further, to a time where I did not exist or a place I have never visited. where my great grandparents lived and my grandmother was born, until they were forced to leave and take whatever they could carry. The farewells they said were definite. and the home they had known was burned to the ground, as soon as they fled oppression.

This homestead was called Andi, in Estonia

Talu means farm

they crossed the baltic sea (barely), to a place called home, which they had never encountered before.

an unknown place was awaiting, a new place called home: Sweden


I would like to think that they truly understood the meaning of home, not a day passed where their thoughts did not travelled back to Andi, all the while new roots were seeded and gave way to the values that I grew up to take for granted- freedom

I would like to think that bringing Andi a breath of life, honors their sacrifice and all the sacrfices made to make home a home. And if we belong to the lucky ones, we get to make this place a beautiful one that we only leave, in order to return.

 Your paths forms you, roots you, but let all journeys lead back  home, where ever that may be.  To treasure what time has brought you, and recuperate to what it will bring. Let home be a place where memories are treasured, processed and created. Let your space reflect this, in its calmness and richness.